SPACE KRAKEN is a roguelike adventure game for single players and up to 4 players in co-op/versus mode for players aged 14 and over. Explore strange worlds in a thrilling space epic. Fight enemies and bosses while managing and improving your crew. Space Kraken is a unique blend of narrative, role-playing and strategic board game. It introduces a revolutionary CGM system that simultaneously controls multiple interrelated storylines as you make your way through the branching adventure. It offers endless replay possibilities. No two campaigns will ever be the same!

AGE: 14+
PLAYERS: Solitaire and up to 4 in Co-op/Versus mode
PLAYTIME: Approximately 45 minutes per round, one week per campaign
Format: A4, 196 pages with 70 fold-out A3 pages.

LANGUAGES: Available in German, English and French


Years ago, mankind created a giant genetically-modified Kraken intended to cleanse Earth’s oceans. At first, it worked well but during a naval conflict the Kraken was accidentally attacked with nuclear anti-submarine weapons. In an escalating war against the Kraken, and between the nations, Earth is rendered uninhabitable. 

But the Kraken was not destroyed, only injured. It mutated, developed unimaginable characteristics, evolved and to the disbelief of our remaining scientific community, demonstrated an ability to generate a wormhole, through which the Kraken escaped Earth.

You are aboard one of just a few ships which managed to leave Earth by entering the Kraken’s wormhole, which remained stable for a time after the Kraken’s departure. Now, aboard a spacefaring vessel, you are reaching for a strange star system never before seen by any human. Your fight for survival has just begun!